Orthodontic Treatment

How it Works

The Biology of how the teeth move has been well studied, and here is where the science and knowledge of the practitioner becomes patent. Constant, gentle and directed forces are meticulously controlled in order to help teeth move to the desired position.
Current Appliances used in orthodontics are usually made of plastic, metal, or ceramic. Appliances can be either removable or bonded to the teeth themselves.

The evolution of new materials now allow for smaller, more discreet braces and appliances.

Orthodontics in this and age offers clear, hidden, metal braces and Invisalign (clear aligners) and in some instances even color matching is possible. Wires also have evolved with the creation of new alloys to offer “memory” wires, in other words gentler, longer effectiveness and reduced pain and discomfort for patients.

Age limits? On the lower, younger range, following recommendations of the American Association of Orthodontics, age 7 is when your child should first visits the orthodontist. On the higher age range Dr. Garcia has successfully treated patients in the mid 80’s.

Duration of Treatment

Treatment duration will always vary depending on individual needs but a safe range is usually between 18 to 24 months, it’s all on a case by case basis, treatment methods, and case complexity.

Every successful treatment hinges on the patient. Patients who attend regular appointments, follow directions, and remain diligent are likely to experience shorter treatment durations. Children who get treatment early on can also see a reduced treatment time and reduced severity at a later stage of treatment.

Look forward. That’s where the smiles are.

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