Phase Two Orthodontics

What advantages does two-phase orthodontic treatment offer?

Instead of focusing on a single aspect, two-phase orthodontics combines both tooth straightening and facial/physical changes. A Phase Two stage of treatment as its name implies is the following phase after the patient has had an initial “Early Orthodontic Treatment.” Two-phase treatment is much more likely to foster functional, healthy, aesthetically pleasing results that concentrate not just as straightening teeth but focus on the more contemporary treatment approach and philosophy of “treating the phase not just the teeth”

What if I wait until later for treatment?

Waiting until later in life for treatment often results in more comprehensive and at times more involved treatments that are less likely to completely correct the alignment of teeth and jaws. We will help you understand why orthodontic treatment is advantageous if the proper diagnosis is done in combination with ideal timing.

Resting Period (between Phase One and Two)

After a Phase One treatment is finished the resting period begins, this time is also known as an “orthodontic recall ” during this time we will simply make sure a retainer is worn and we will essentially “Let nature take its course”. At this active time of growth many more permanent teeth will be erupting and the orthodontists will see your child every 3 to 4 months for a brief check up.

Look forward. That’s where the smiles are.

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