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Why Us?

1. We make it easy to make an appointment.
Monday through Thursday – 8:30AM to 5:30PM.
Friday – 8:30AM to 5:00PM
Closed for National Holidays

2. We have a team that goes above and beyond.
Every single person on our staff is dedicated to not only helping you reach your smile goals, but also in making you smile every time you’re here.

3. We have flexible financing so everyone can get a great smile
We believe everyone deserves a great smile. That’s why we will work with you to help you achieve your smile dreams. Just talk to us.

4. We get that life happens. If it does just call us.
If something urgent comes up, you’re running late or you just need to reschedule, don’t sweat it. It’s okay. Just us know what’s going on and we’ll reschedule your appointment.

5. We work hand-in-hand with your dentist to make sure your teeth stay healthy.
It’s important when going through orthodontic treatment to still see your dentist. Our Orthodontists can work hand-in-hand with your dentist to help ensure you have proper oral care throughout your treatment.

Look forward. That’s where the smiles are.

11400 N Kendall Dr, Ste 105
Miami, FL 33176