COVID-19 Office Updates

Dear Patients and family members at Garcia Orthodontics,

State of Current Affairs (April 9th, 2020) The government-mandated closure unitl May 8th for all Non-emergency elective dental appointments still valid.

As per updated models, COVID-19 is approaching its most lethal and destructive stage in our country, for the USA overall deaths will peak approximately April 11th and for the state of Florida, it is estimated around April 21st. Our last update 10 days ago has Florida with approximately 1500+ cases and today’s number is around 5000+ Cases, more than a 3-fold. We continue to adhere to government mandate with a potential date to resume operations on May 8th, 2020.

World Health Organizations experts and the C.D.C. continue to recommend changes to our daily lives, including work and social practices. The following measures remain at the top of the list 2 key measures. Wash Your Hands and Social distancing 6 (six) ft apart, stay at home and avoid any gatherings that are unnecessary and wear facemask any time you go out.


A limited number of our clinical team will continue to attend clinical emergencies only, as mandated by the State we have been ordered to only perform “EMERGENCY PROCEDURES” and all dental and orthodontic offices have been mandated to postpone elective procedures and checkups until May 8th. “EMERGENCY” is defined as any severe symptom, pain, swelling, discomfort, infection, function impairment.

The closure of our office applies all to routine (non-urgent) orthodontic appointments until May 8th as per current official statements.

Availability & Contact

Administrative Staff: will be available to be reached via text (305) 596.1722, email and phone Monday-Thursday from 9am to 4pm EDT

Clinical Staff: Our office will be technically closed and minimally staffed to attend only orthodontic emergencies until further notice. The hours of operation will only be 2 (two) days per week; Monday and Thursday 9am-4pm. Patients in pain and severe discomfort will be seen only during these times after contacting the office preferably via text.

We have implemented Texting Capabilities at our office, and this makes communication FASTER and MORE EFFICIENT,

  • Office Text Number: (305) 596.1722
  • eMail us at
  • You can also call the office at the number above but then again for a faster communication please text us
  • For more updates check our Website and social accounts Facebook and Instagram


We are hopeful and remain positive and full of faith this unprecedented Global Crisis should come to pass. At this point we intend to resume normal operations on Friday May 8th, 2020. We will re-evaluate the conditions continually based upon new data as it comes.

As a Measure to help our patients and clarify we have started virtual checkups through our HIPPA compliant text portal (305) 596.1722 Also a FAQ’s page is upon this link


Dr. Francisco J Garcia DMD, Orthodontist