Office Hours and Scheduling

Monday-Thursday 10am-7pm.

Friday 10am-6pm.

Saturday 8am-1pm

Most National Holidays

Orthodontic Patients are regularly scheduled every four to eight weeks in order to maintain proper orthodontic treatment. Our team works with patients to ensure that appointments meet individual schedules and needs. Don’t be shy to let us know the days and times that fit your needs.

Life happens, and we understand that. Running late or need to reschedule? Let us know and we will strive to accommodate your needs.

Integrating dentist visits with orthodontic treatment

While receiving orthodontic treatment, visiting a dentist every four months is still essential. Routine teeth cleaning and dental checkups are always important. If a dentist believes that extra dental care is needed, we will work hand in hand with your family dentist to ensure proper oral care.

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