What Sets Us Apart

Top Ten Reasons – What Sets Us Apart in the Miami Area for Outstanding Orthodontic Care

  1. Free Initial Exam; During this initial visit you will learn the findings and diagnosis or your bite and discuss all different treatment options available to improve your smile, with sufficient doctor time so you can discuss all concerns directly with Dr. Francisco Garcia, in this way you become educated and understand the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option.
  2. Lifetime Warranty; with us your smile is “covered for life”, Yes it’s true!…  If for any reason after your treatment is finished with Garcia Orthodontics and you have been following instructions wearing your retainers, if your teeth shift or move, come back and ask for your lifetime warranty.
  3. Lifetime Retainers: Life happens and we constantly lose or break things, same happens with retainers, and the statistics show a patient may need up to 4 sets of retainers after orthodontic treatment. Ask us about Lifetime Retainers!
  4. Patient Care with a Smile; We would like to define ourselves more like a family.  We treat your family like one of us, very personal, caring and an open door policy that reflects clearly who we are and our caring atmosphere.
  5. Commitment to Excellence; Dr. Garcia constantly takes part in CE (Continuous Education) Courses to keep up to date and reinforce quality and standards of care with the latest scientific and technological advancements.
  6. Fluent in 6 Languages; That’s right.  Dr Francisco Garcia can communicate with patients and their families in 6 languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and French
  7. Convenient Hours; Our convenient hours of operation offer you the advantage to schedule based on your needs. We have appointments available: Late Evenings, National Holidays, Saturdays, Regular weekly hours from Monday to Friday
  8. Diagnosis, Treatment options and Technology; our office uses a unique combination of the well-proven old elements of diagnosis such as Orthodontic Study Models (not all offices do use these anymore) and the latest technology in current orthodontic digital imaging and treatment options such a 2D, 3D X-rays  3D digital impressions and the latest braces, appliances and clear aligners. Our orthodontic procedures and treatment options are conceived to enhance function and esthetics thus positively affecting Appearance, confidence and self esteem.
  9. The Office: We want every aspect of your visits to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Our office is state of the art and 100% digital, making patient check-in a breeze at the touch of an iPad screen. Our reception has fresh coffee and tea, high-speed Internet along with a daily dose of fresh scented lemongrass mist. We also offer Apple TV on demand movies and periodicals for our patients’ complete enjoyment. Our treatment area is equipped with ergonomic furniture using the newest 21inch Mac Computers at every patient station and music playing throughout. We strive to make all of your visits enjoyable.
  10. We Hold Your Hand Through the Orthodontic Process – Start to Finish; Schedule your complimentary appoint to get started on your journey creating a new beautiful smile that lasts forever.

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