3 Questions to Ask Orthodontists

It’s Time To Love Your Smile

An orthodontist is a specialist that creates a platform to address your orthodontic health issues. They ensure your access to proper care and find ways to protect and care for your family’s smiles. While the dental services orthodontists provide are many, getting the best from your efforts is possible after getting answers to the following questions.

What’s Their Experience?

A skilled and experienced orthodontist is important in order to address your immediate and future dental health issues. Determining the experience level of an orthodontist is one way to meet your expectations effortlessly. By asking what their experience is like, you get to understand the relevance of their services to your needs. Be sure to ask about their years of practice, the dental school they attended, and their specialty. It will be easy to get proper services and care for your family by choosing an experienced orthodontic specialist. You can also check the number of patients the orthodontist served before and the success rate to determine their experience.

What’s the Best Age for Orthodontic Evaluation Among Kids?

Understanding immediate and future dental care needs can be hard unless your child has a proper orthodontic evaluation. It is important to consult orthodontists to understand when and why proper evaluation is crucial for your child. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, getting your child an initial orthodontic evaluation before age seven is important to make the treatment and dental care process effective. Conducting an initial orthodontic evaluation helps create a long-term and sustainable treatment plan.

What Measures Should You Take at Home After Orthodontic Care and Treatment?

After developing orthodontic issues, getting treatment is important. The orthodontists ensure you get proper services that address your needs and help you lead a healthy life. After an orthodontic visit, you still have work to do at home. Asking what measures you can take to remain healthy at home is paramount. The orthodontist should create a list of things and measures you must take to ensure you remain healthy and productive. Besides a proper diet, they should help you understand the relevance of proper oral and dental hygiene and ways to achieve this. Keeping up with the measures goes a long way towards maintaining a healthy smile.

The decision to look for an orthodontist for your family’s dental health care needs is imperative. At Garcia Orthodontics, we are always happy to answer these questions and any others you may have. Contact us today to get started!