How to Ease Orthodontic Anxiety

It’s Time To Love Your Smile

According to studies, in America, over 3.9 million orthodontic patients are children. Most orthodontists recommend that children have their first appointment by the age of seven years. Thereafter, regular oral visits are necessary to ensure healthy teeth. However, fear of the orthodontist can get in the way of this. Even some adults get anxious when they have to visit an orthodontist. If you suffer from orthodontic anxiety, here are five helpful ways to ease your mind.

Have a Chat With The Orthodontist

When you’re feeling anxious about going to the orthodontist, you can call and have a friendly chat before the appointment. Usually, you get to talk with your orthodontist during the consultation, and this may help ease your fears.

Learn Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises can be very helpful when you find yourself in the orthodontist chair, and you feel like you’re hyperventilating. Deep breathing will help you feel calmer and relaxed when you feel anxious about going to your next visit. That’s because instead of focusing on your anxiety, you’ll now be focused on breathing slowly and deeply.

Use Relaxation Techniques

There are many relaxation techniques you can use to manage your anxiety, and meditation is one of them. Most relaxation techniques are designed to take away your focus from your anxiety and any negative thoughts you may be feeling. By distracting you from the negative thoughts, you feel calmer and more in control.

Bring a Loved One

Bringing a loved one to your orthodontic appointment can help ease the anxiety you may be feeling ahead of your procedure. You should bring someone who can give you the support you need and is there for you. In most cases, simply knowing there’s someone there with you can make things much better for you.

No Surprise Appointments

Already being nervous about orthodontic treatments are one thing, but not knowing when they’re coming up is another. Make sure you or your child is prepared and knows a few days before the appointment. This can help one be fully prepared and not taken by surprise when it comes time to meet with the orthodontist again.

Going to the orthodontist doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Instead, it can be a pleasant and positive experience. Similarly, visiting your orthodontist regularly doesn’t have to make your palms sweaty if you apply these tips to ease your fears and anxiety. If you need to set up an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with our friendly orthodontic professionals today!