Debunking 7 Myths About Adult Orthodontics

It’s Time To Love Your Smile

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are over four million Americans wearing orthodontic devices today. 75% of these patients are children and young adults under the age of 18. It is no wonder the mention of the term ‘orthodontics’ for most adults brings up an image of a shy teenager with metal wires running across their teeth. Sadly, the stereotype is false. Braces are effective for persons of all ages.

Myths and misconceptions surrounding adult orthodontics may hold back patients that require the corrective procedures from seeking treatment. Are these seven myths about adult braces holding you back? Read on to learn more.

1. Adult Braces are Expensive

Most adult patients with malocclusions often blame the high cost of orthodontic treatment as the primary reason they do not seek braces for adults. Adult orthodontics, just like any investment, requires patience and money. However, the benefits will last you a lifetime. Most orthodontic offices provide flexible, zero-interest financing options that lower the braces cost. Additionally, you can inquire if your dental plan can help you offset the out-of-pocket expenses. You can also find affordable braces by shopping around for a low-cost orthodontic office.

2. You Are Too Old for The Braces to Work

You may look at your age and wrongfully think that it’s too late to have your malocclusion corrected. However, it is never too late to enjoy a straight smile that will boost your self-esteem. Braces work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth, gradually pushing them to the correct positions. It is the same principle, whether as a thirteen-year-old and a person in their fifties.

3. You Can Only Wear Metal Braces

The terrifying image of trying to maintain a professional look with a metal bracket can hold some patients back from adult orthodontics. As an adult that is already self-conscious about their smile, you may not wish to attract more attention to it. However, modern orthodontic technology gives you access to a wide range of subtle treatment options. Invisalign braces utilize clear plates that have a snuggly fit to your teeth. Additionally, you can opt for adult ceramic braces that will blend with your natural set of teeth.

4. Brace Treatment Is Painful

Braces from the twentieth century may conjure images of huge metal chunks that tear up the inner lining of your cheeks, resulting in pain and discomfort. Modern adult orthodontics utilizes smaller, more efficient devices that are gentler. A little orthodontic wax and pain relievers can help ease your discomfort in a few days. Besides, your orthodontist can recommend Invisalign, which utilizes smooth, clear trays without any sharp edges.

5. Adult Orthodontics Takes Too Long

Adult malocclusion patients often fear that they will have to have the braces on for years. Each case is often unique, with a custom treatment plan and schedule. The severity of the malocclusion, the braces that you want, how you look after your braces are just some of the factors that may affect your treatment span. Inquire from the best orthodontists to learn the period it may take to correct your overbite.

6. Braces Will Affect Your Speech

Your orthodontist can correct your overbite without compromising your articulation. They will never wire your jaw shut or add extra bulk to it. You will be able to move and speak perfectly well without any issues.

7. Braces Will Change Your Appearance

Modern bracing devices are designed to help you have a better smile without changing your facial features. Some adult braces may even look undetectable, hiding behind your teeth. The device will only straighten and align the teeth without affecting the thickness of your lips and cheeks.

Does one of these myths about adult braces hold you back from getting the treatment that you need? Braces are nothing short of life-changing for those who do not like their overbite or underbite. You can get modern invisible orthodontics that will transform your entire smile without inserting metal into your mouth. Discuss with your orthodontist if you qualify for this type of corrective procedure. To request an appointment with Garcia Orthodontics, call (305) 596-1722.