Everything to Know About Adult Braces

It’s Time To Love Your Smile

You’re never too old to get your teeth straightened! Approximately four million Americans wear braces, and about 25% are adults. Adult braces are becoming more popular for many reasons. For some, it’s cosmetic, but there are numerous health reasons for getting braces as an adult.

If you’ve ever wondered whether adult braces are an option for you, keep reading. Here is everything you need to know about adult braces.

3 Reasons to Get Adult Braces

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Crooked or misaligned teeth affect your appearance, hence affecting your self-esteem, too. You might feel embarrassed to talk or even smile. Once you realign your teeth with adult braces, you’ll likely look and feel better about yourself. This will automatically boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Keeps Teeth Healthy

When your teeth are pushed together or overlap, they form a perfect spot for the bacteria to hide and grow. Bacteria causes plaque on the teeth and this bacteria produces acids after you drink or eat. These acids can destroy your tooth enamel and cause gingivitis and cavities. Adult braces help straighten your teeth and prevent bacteria from causing dental issues, thus helping you maintain good oral hygiene and oral health.

Prevent Future Orthodontic Issues

Adult braces keep your teeth healthy and reduce the future risks of orthodontic issues. For example, crooked teeth cause gum and periodontal diseases that lead to bone loss. Visit an adult orthodontist to fix crooked teeth and minimize the risk of bone loss in your jaw by using braces.

How Long Do Adult Braces Take to Work?

A comprehensive orthodontic treatment might range from a year and a half to two years to complete. A complex state like a severe bite might take longer, sometimes up to three years, depending on the patient.

Is it Painful to Get Braces as an Adult?

Absolutely not! You might notice a small amount of discomfort when your teeth begin to realign, but there is no drastic pain. This only lasts for a few days until appliances have appropriately adjusted to your mouth.

How Much Do Adult Braces Cost?

The cost of adult braces varies based on the treatment plan. That said, most orthodontists estimate the average cost at about $5,550. But to get an accurate cost analysis of your braces, get a thorough examination and estimate from your adult orthodontist.

Overall, realigning your teeth using adult braces leads to better oral health. Don’t delay your dream of having a healthy and perfect smile any further and contact your local adult orthodontist to get your braces now!